A Message to Our Customers

This is crazy, what the @&#$% (insert favorite expletive) have we come across? Social distancing? Two weeks ago it was just a story on the news in another part of the world. Today, it is our story, all of us together and sadly it is real. It’s important to know that our TEAM is here for you and it is together, as a TEAM, that we’ll get through this crazy episode we find ourselves temporarily living in. Daily we are faced with questions we never imagined would be asked in our normal lives or course of business. The answers change daily, sometimes hourly. But, here is what we do know:

  • Our TEAM is available to you in whatever manner you need us to be.
  • Our trade contractors are taking appropriate steps to continue making forward progress.
  • We are asking you to avoid unnecessary job-site visits
  • Our models will temporarily go to “by appointment only”.
  • We are sanitizing our model homes and offer different disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers.
  • We will limit Design Center appointments to Purchasers only.

For your protection, and that of our subcontractors and company personnel, our initial plan of action is to suspend all non-emergency warranty service.
People: people are priority number one. We have no reported illnesses from our staff or contractors. We are maintaining complete flexibility with our team to ensure they feel comfortable during this time.

Municipal/Government procedures: Each home requires several permits and inspections throughout. We will be monitoring and navigating what (if any) impact this has, per project.

Supply Chain Issues: As of now, we haven’t experienced any. Many of our suppliers are proactively ahead of the game. We order well in advance, but on-time delivery is ultimately reliant on several factors.

Mortgage/Title/Lending: We’ve been in communication with contacts from each of these areas and continue to receive word that they are fully operational and able to serve us and our homeowners.

We know this too shall pass and we will be stronger, together
Service to each other, that is the Westway, it is what we stand for. Together, we will adapt and persevere through all the challenges this crazy time presents. Westway Homes looks forward to the day we replace social distancing and fear with handshakes, hugs and cocktail parties on the porch. That day will come and we will find strength and value in the tests of today.

Michael Fietz
Westway Homes

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