If you are not an insulation expert don’t fret! Westway Homes uses top of the line blown fiberglass insulation in every home to keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers. It is nothing but the best for our clients, and we have compiled some quick information so you can feel confident in what you are getting. There are so many benefits of using our R-23 blown-in insulation in the walls, and R-38 blown-in insulation in the ceiling. The R value is the insulation’s resistance to heat flow—basically how well it keeps the temperature of your home where you set it. Let us dive into some of the details about fiberglass insulation

What is it?
-Fiberglass insulation is created by superheating glass and weaving it into coarse fibers.
-It might seem concerning to have glass in your walls, but don’t worry. Fiberglass insulation is completely safe and both fire and moisture retardant.
-Fiberglass insulation works by trapping pockets of air to help regulate your home’s temperature, which saves money and increases energy efficiency.
-Speaking of saving money, fiberglass insulation can reduce residential energy costs by as much as 40%.
-Fiberglass insulation is also a sustainable option because it conserves 12X as much energy as it takes to produce.

How is it applied?
– We use loose-fill insulation installation, which allows us to optimize coverage and fill all the nooks and crannies.
-Densely packed bales of fiberglass are fed into the hopper of an insulation blower powered by an electric motor.
-The fiberglass is blown into the walls between each wall stud through a long hose.

What are the advantages?
-Fire Resistant
-Reduces Noise
-Conserves Energy
-Saves Money on Utilities
-Improves Air Quality
-Mold and Mildew Resistant


Fun at The Design Center

When the day finally arrives for my Design Center appointment, believe it or not, I get a nervous tinge of butterflies in my stomach as I await the arrival of our new homebuyer. I know you’re nervous too and anxious because it’s a new experience and you don’t know me from Adam and to top it off you’re spending about 3 hours on average with me selecting everything in your home, inside and out. While I have briefly met you over the phone to discuss time availability, I know virtually nothing about you.
Is this your first time coloring a house? Are you on guard thinking I’m going to upsell everything to you? Are you painfully shy or do you tend to get off track chatting about life? Are you going to ask me a million questions that really don’t matter because you don’t plan on buying the upgrade? Do you have bad taste, and will I have to kindly suggest something else or just give in and let you pick what you love? My goal is set you at ease and walk you through our process and reassure you I’ve done this at least once before – kidding of course!

Each of you are special and unique and with different needs and wants (big difference between those last two) and that’s exactly what I love about helping you. I have so many wonderful and not so wonderful stories! I could tell you the story of the bickering spouses or the know-it-all mother accompanying her grown child or the ones that want to haggle for freebies as if we were at a flea market. And then there are the ones that finish their appointment in less than an hour or bring their not-colorblind best friend to help; the customers that hone in on that one thing that lights up their eyes like on a kid on Christmas. Wow. The fun I’ve had and is yet to be had!

Current Trends – Single Story or Two?

What do you prefer single story or two?

An interesting current trend going on right now is a battle between a single story or two-story home. When it comes to mind, what do you prefer a one story or two? Some people believe that you can get more sq ft. with a two-story compared to a one which can be true. For example, by my floor plans the biggest single story for my community starts at 2420sq ft. (Palms Floor plan) whereas the two story biggest home is at 2773 sq ft. (Flamingo Floor plan) The trend right now between both single story or two story has been leading more towards single story homes though. Depending on the desired space that is a great option there are beautiful floor plans in one and two stories. The good thing is we have plenty of single stories to choose from in Rancho Valencia, but lots are slimming down that a single story can be built on and the Quick Delivery Homes being built are going fast. This is all about preference, there is no right or wrong, just what works best for you and your family.