Let’s Talk About Floor Plans – Top 3 Features of the Tropicana

As an Albuquerque home builder, we are constantly motivated to create the plan designs that fit the needs and lifestyles of those looking for a new home to call their own. The Tropicana floor plan has been a favorite in Westway Homes’ neighborhoods, especially at The Enclave in Rio Rancho. But why is it soooo popular? Well, we will dive into the Top 3 features that make this floorplan a “fan favorite”.

The most notable feature of the Tropicana is the 3-car tandem garage. This garage has the “face” of a 2-car garage but has an extra car port added to one side. In this plan that one side has 38 feet of depth! That space has so much potential. It can easily be used for more storage or even a work space! Whatever floats your boat.
(Fun Fact: The word “tandem” was derived from a Latin word that means “length”.)

Second on our list is the kitchen pantry. It’s a closet-like pantry almost the size of a bedroom! It’s almost 10ft x 10ft and more than enough space to store all your goods! It also comes with standard shelving that covers 75% of the wall space. That means you can store almost every you need and still have room to store your larger kitchen objects.
The last feature is a subtle, but efficient one that you’ll thank us for later. An upstairs laundry room! This feature makes doing your laundry just a tad bit more convenient. It eliminates having to carry loads of laundry up and down the stairs to and from the washer/dryer. No more picking up random socks on the stairs!

It’s important to note that all the features listed above are STANDARD features at Westway Homes. There are many other features that were left out of this list that are just as awesome. Come visit to learn more!

The Dominica

Spacious, smooth flow, an ample amount of comfort—where might one find a home like this? Look no further than my favorite Westway Homes floorplan, the Dominica. A brilliant use of 2,164 square feet means homeowners with the Dominica floorplan have a focal point kitchen and plenty of room to entertain in the living room and dining area. The Dominica is my favorite floor plan in the Westway arsenal.

Upon entry, a 12-foot foyer ceiling towers above, immediately setting the mood. Whether you are an amateur chef or a takeout titan, the Dominica has a kitchen most mothers would rave about. A large island sits right in the middle of the kitchen, providing more than enough cabinet space for a family. The kitchen is surrounded by a spacious, yet cozy living room area, and easily accessible dining room. Just off the kitchen and dining room is the master suite. The massive 15’x16’ room leads to an innovative closet/bath/laundry combo layout.

The bathroom can be fully designed to each client’s tastes with custom and upgraded options. This is one of the many benefits of a newly constructed Westway Home; clients have the option to customize and design their dream home. The amazing bathroom leads to a walk-in closet, which is so spacious you’ll never want to leave. When full, the walk-in closet can still easily accommodate for three people!!! While the Dominica is my favorite floorplan and it has several incredible features, I think the best feature of this home is the laundry room, that has access directly from the owner closet. This allows for smooth and convenient transition when doing laundry. Walking out the laundry room leads down the hallway to the second and third bedrooms, both rooms separated by a full bathroom. The last standard feature of the Dominica floor plan is a three-car garage. Many floor plans by Westway Homes includes three-car garages because we understand the value of the extra square footage.

The Dominica floorplan is available at Mesa Del Sol, an expertly planned subdivision on the South East Albuquerque, near the new Netflix studios. Directions to Mesa Del Sol, as well as the rest of Westway Homes floorplans are available on our website. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams, give us a call or stop by our model home so we can get working on building you the last home you’ll ever need.

Bright. Shiny. New.

So, you’ve decided to start shopping for a new home. The first thing you probably did was go on one of those sites and start browsing listings. The market can fluctuate between a buyers and sellers’ market depending on the time of year, which is normal, but 2020 was anything but normal. The global pandemic took over and caused resale inventory to plummet to an all-time low. In tandem, interest rates also dropped which is music to the ears of many buyers. So, with the number of homes on the market dwindling, why not build your dream home?

Who doesn’t love buying something new; from cars, to phones, to underwear, new is always better. And, if you build it, you have complete creative control in constructing your vision, rather than settling for existing features the homeowners before you installed. We build from the ground up and we will even let you pick which ground you build on! From the lot, to the floorplan, to the colors and more, we make your vision happen. Its your home, we’re just building it. Your first decisions will be about floorplan, lot, and your colors. We have a design studio in house where you can compare aspects backsplash tile, grout color, carpet color, and more. Once your decisions are made, we are off to the races to make your dream, your vision, come to life.

If you’re in the market and need something sooner and can’t wait to be in a Westway Home, our Quick Delivery Homes are a great option. These homes are new and have never been lived in but are built and ready to go. Every home we have comes with a 2-10 Warranty, which gives you 2 years of system coverage, and 10 years of structural coverage. This warranty is not typically included in resale homes and is an added benefit of building with us.

Speaking of benefits, here at Westway Homes, we don’t skimp on the perks. The quantity and quality of our amenities is unmatched—and our perks are standards. With a Westway, you get a video motion sensing Ring Doorbell, a Kwikset keyless entry pad, soft close cabinets throughout the home, a smart home Nest thermostat, and so much more. We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so why don’t you come on down and find your forever home.


Fun at The Design Center

When the day finally arrives for their Design Center appointment, believe it or not, I get a nervous tinge of butterflies in my stomach as I await the arrival of our new home buyer. I know you’re nervous too and anxious because it’s a new experience and you don’t know me from Adam and to top it off you’re spending about 3 hours on average with me selecting everything in your home, inside and out. While I have briefly met you over the phone to discuss time availability, I know virtually nothing about you.
Is this your first time coloring a house? Are you on guard thinking I’m going to upsell everything to you? Are you painfully shy or do you tend to get off track chatting about life? Are you going to ask me a million questions that really don’t matter because you don’t plan on buying the upgrade? Do you have bad taste, and will I have to kindly suggest something else or just give in and let you pick what you love? My goal is set you at ease and walk you through our process and reassure you I’ve done this at least once before – kidding of course!

Each of you are special and unique and with different needs and wants (big difference between those last two) and that’s exactly what I love about helping you. I have so many wonderful and not so wonderful stories! I could tell you the story of the bickering spouses or the know-it-all mother accompanying her grown child or the ones that want to haggle for freebies as if we were at a flea market. And then there are the ones that finish their appointment in less than an hour or bring their not-colorblind best friend to help; the customers that hone in on that one thing that lights up their eyes like on a kid on Christmas. Wow. The fun I’ve had and is yet to be had!

Gloria Furru
Design and Color Specialist

Floorplans – Why So Open?

If you have ever been in a Westway Home then you have probably realized pretty quickly that we LOVE incorporating an open floor plan concept. Why? You may ask. Well there are several reasons but I will only highlight a few. First, we believe in maximizing as much of the square footage as we possibly can. And when I say maximize square footage, I mean we try to create more “useable” space. Between that and our standard 10ft ceilings and 8ft doors, it makes our buyers “feel” like the floor plan is much bigger.

Flexibility is also another key reason we love to have open concepts in our plans. This allows our buyers to have more creative freedoms in what to do with all their living space. There’s no awkward wall or corners in the way. It works especially well for the people who like to “switch it up” more often than others. Have you ever heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home? With an open floor plan this allows the kitchen to be the focal point in your new home. This is the area that really showcases our clients color selections and gives the home its own character. And when in the kitchen you are can still be included in everything going on in the living space, which is a great feature for any type of small or large gathering.

There are so many other reasons why an open floor plan is the way to go. However, these are just some major points we have taken into consideration when building our identity in new home construction.