The Dominica

Spacious, smooth flow, an ample amount of comfort—where might one find a home like this? Look no further than my favorite Westway Homes floorplan, the Dominica. A brilliant use of 2,164 square feet means homeowners with the Dominica floorplan have a focal point kitchen and plenty of room to entertain in the living room and dining area. The Dominica is my favorite floor plan in the Westway arsenal.

Upon entry, a 12-foot foyer ceiling towers above, immediately setting the mood. Whether you are an amateur chef or a takeout titan, the Dominica has a kitchen most mothers would rave about. A large island sits right in the middle of the kitchen, providing more than enough cabinet space for a family. The kitchen is surrounded by a spacious, yet cozy living room area, and easily accessible dining room. Just off the kitchen and dining room is the master suite. The massive 15’x16’ room leads to an innovative closet/bath/laundry combo layout.

The bathroom can be fully designed to each client’s tastes with custom and upgraded options. This is one of the many benefits of a newly constructed Westway Home; clients have the option to customize and design their dream home. The amazing bathroom leads to a walk-in closet, which is so spacious you’ll never want to leave. When full, the walk-in closet can still easily accommodate for three people!!! While the Dominica is my favorite floorplan and it has several incredible features, I think the best feature of this home is the laundry room, that has access directly from the owner closet. This allows for smooth and convenient transition when doing laundry. Walking out the laundry room leads down the hallway to the second and third bedrooms, both rooms separated by a full bathroom. The last standard feature of the Dominica floor plan is a three-car garage. Many floor plans by Westway Homes includes three-car garages because we understand the value of the extra square footage.

The Dominica floorplan is available at Mesa Del Sol, an expertly planned subdivision on the South East Albuquerque, near the new Netflix studios. Directions to Mesa Del Sol, as well as the rest of Westway Homes floorplans are available on our website. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams, give us a call or stop by our model home so we can get working on building you the last home you’ll ever need.


If you are not an insulation expert don’t fret! Westway Homes uses top of the line blown fiberglass insulation in every home to keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers. It is nothing but the best for our clients, and we have compiled some quick information so you can feel confident in what you are getting. There are so many benefits of using our R-23 blown-in insulation in the walls, and R-38 blown-in insulation in the ceiling. The R value is the insulation’s resistance to heat flow—basically how well it keeps the temperature of your home where you set it. Let us dive into some of the details about fiberglass insulation

What is it?
-Fiberglass insulation is created by superheating glass and weaving it into coarse fibers.
-It might seem concerning to have glass in your walls, but don’t worry. Fiberglass insulation is completely safe and both fire and moisture retardant.
-Fiberglass insulation works by trapping pockets of air to help regulate your home’s temperature, which saves money and increases energy efficiency.
-Speaking of saving money, fiberglass insulation can reduce residential energy costs by as much as 40%.
-Fiberglass insulation is also a sustainable option because it conserves 12X as much energy as it takes to produce.

How is it applied?
– We use loose-fill insulation installation, which allows us to optimize coverage and fill all the nooks and crannies.
-Densely packed bales of fiberglass are fed into the hopper of an insulation blower powered by an electric motor.
-The fiberglass is blown into the walls between each wall stud through a long hose.

What are the advantages?
-Fire Resistant
-Reduces Noise
-Conserves Energy
-Saves Money on Utilities
-Improves Air Quality
-Mold and Mildew Resistant