Current Trends – Single Story or Two?

What do you prefer single story or two?

An interesting current trend going on right now is a battle between a single story or two-story home. When it comes to mind, what do you prefer a one story or two? Some people believe that you can get more sq ft. with a two-story compared to a one which can be true. For example, by my floor plans the biggest single story for my community starts at 2420sq ft. (Palms Floor plan) whereas the two story biggest home is at 2773 sq ft. (Flamingo Floor plan) The trend right now between both single story or two story has been leading more towards single story homes though. Depending on the desired space that is a great option there are beautiful floor plans in one and two stories. The good thing is we have plenty of single stories to choose from in Rancho Valencia, but lots are slimming down that a single story can be built on and the Quick Delivery Homes being built are going fast. This is all about preference, there is no right or wrong, just what works best for you and your family.