Let’s Talk About Floor Plans – Top 3 Features of the Tropicana

As an Albuquerque home builder, we are constantly motivated to create the plan designs that fit the needs and lifestyles of those looking for a new home to call their own. The Tropicana floor plan has been a favorite in Westway Homes’ neighborhoods, especially at The Enclave in Rio Rancho. But why is it soooo popular? Well, we will dive into the Top 3 features that make this floorplan a “fan favorite”.

The most notable feature of the Tropicana is the 3-car tandem garage. This garage has the “face” of a 2-car garage but has an extra car port added to one side. In this plan that one side has 38 feet of depth! That space has so much potential. It can easily be used for more storage or even a work space! Whatever floats your boat.
(Fun Fact: The word “tandem” was derived from a Latin word that means “length”.)

Second on our list is the kitchen pantry. It’s a closet-like pantry almost the size of a bedroom! It’s almost 10ft x 10ft and more than enough space to store all your goods! It also comes with standard shelving that covers 75% of the wall space. That means you can store almost every you need and still have room to store your larger kitchen objects.
The last feature is a subtle, but efficient one that you’ll thank us for later. An upstairs laundry room! This feature makes doing your laundry just a tad bit more convenient. It eliminates having to carry loads of laundry up and down the stairs to and from the washer/dryer. No more picking up random socks on the stairs!

It’s important to note that all the features listed above are STANDARD features at Westway Homes. There are many other features that were left out of this list that are just as awesome. Come visit to learn more!